Bridgestone hope for ‘red tyre’ rule

Fri, 6 October 2006, 02:01

Bridgestone is still hoping that F1’s governing body adopts its suggestion to impose a ‘red tyre’ rule for the 2007 season.

To coincide with its monopoly on tyre supply next year, the Japanese company would like the Champ Car-style regulation because it would reduce tyre wastage.

The rule would make it compulsory for every driver to use both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ compounds in every race, with red tyre walls differentiating the tyres.

At present, the FIA rule for 2007 involves the availability of two tyre specs, but not the requirement to use both.

”This decision is made by all the teams and the FIA, so we listen to them and their decisions,” said Bridgestone’s director of motor sport, Hiroshi Yasukawa, at Suzuka on Friday.

”But if we are concerned about fairness, then I think it’s a good idea.”


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