Bridgestone promise ‘easy’ tyre for 2007

Mon, 4 September 2006, 05:21

Bridgestone’s technical manager insists that tyre inequality will not become an issue when Michelin leaves formula one at the end of 2006.

With current competitors needing to switch to the Japanese supplier for next season and beyond, it has been whispered in F1 circles that Ferrari could be advantaged while teams like McLaren and Renault endure a Toyota-like adjustment to new tyres.

The scenario has even led to calls for an overhaul of the tyre rules, such as the early re-introduction of slicks, but Hisao Suganuma denied that such a move will be needed.

”We are still deciding what type of tyre we should design for 2007,” he was quoted as saying by, ”although it is important that we design a tyre that is easy to use.”

The Japanese therefore played down any similarity between the situation later this year and Toyota’s difficulty in adjusting to Bridgestone tyres in 2006.

He said: ”In the current competitive situation, the tyres are very sensitive. That will not be the case in the future.

”Naturally, Ferrari know us very well. But I am sure that big teams like McLaren and Renault will not have trouble changing tyres over the winter period.”


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