Bridgestone want Champ Car rule for F1

Thu, 21 September 2006, 10:33

Bridgestone is reportedly lobbying the FIA to make a fundamental change to the tyres regulations for 2007.

The Japanese company, which due to the withdrawal of Michelin is preparing the inherit the mantle as F1’s sole supplier a year early, reportedly favours a Champ Car-style rule requiring drivers to use both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ tyre compounds during a grand prix, according to Auto Motor Und Sport.

As in the American open-wheeler category, also supplied by Bridgestone, the rule would involve the use of red-coloured side walls so that spectators can easily differentiate between the hard and soft options.

It is hoped that the rule would spice up the spectacle, ensure that tyres remain a talking point during grand prix weekends in the absence of competition, and reduce the wastage of Bridgestone specifications that are produced but not used at races.


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