British venue appeals F1 test ban

Sat, 30 December 2006, 05:20

Elvington Airfield has appealed against a recent court decision that would limit F1 action at the test venue to just ten days per year.

British villagers surrounding the facility near York last month won a ruling to restrict the running of noisy cars for so-called ‘straight line’ tests.

Elvington staged sixteen days of aerodynamic testing in 2006 for British based F1 teams, who use the airfield’s long runways.

At the original court hearing, McLaren’s test team supposedly threatened to quit Britain if it was banned from using Elvington.

The venue’s owner, Elvington Park Ltd, has now appealed against the judge’s decision to York Crown Court, according to York’s local newspaper The Press.

The appeal could be heard within weeks but a date has not been set.


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