‘Damper’ saga takes centre stage on Tuesday

Tue, 22 August 2006, 12:56

In Paris on Tuesday, the International Court of Appeal will sit to consider the legality of ‘mass dampers’ in F1.

The sport’s governing body will argue that Hockenheim stewards were wrong to sanction the use of the controversial technology, after FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting earlier told teams that it was illegal.

A verdict is expected on Wednesday afternoon.

Although the ruling will be relevant to several teams that want to fit the device, it could prove to be central to Renault’s push to retain the lead of the world championship.

The French team has said that it will attend the hearing as an ‘interested party’ and abide the Court’s verdict, while rival team Toyota now admit that it believes ‘mass dampers’ to be illegal.

”We disregarded this (technology),” said senior general chassis manager Pascal Vasselon, ”because we considered it to be moving ballast, which is not allowed.”

Vasselon, however, also questioned the FIA’s move to outlaw the system nearly a year after allowing Renault to debut it at grands prix.

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