Densham plays down new gearbox rule

Fri, 30 November 2007, 10:37

Renault’s Tim Densham has played down the impact that new gearbox rules will have in 2008.

To further reduce costs, the FIA has introduced a regulation requiring every driver to use the same gearbox at four consecutive grands prix next season.

Only damaged gears can be replaced without penalty, while a full gearbox change will drop the driver five places down the grid.

But while the rule change appears significant, Densham – the French team’s chief designer – said the challenge is not an “insurmountable problem” for Renault.

“To begin with, the technical regulations already impose a large number of parameters that we have no choice but to comply with. And this year our gearbox’s reliability has been nothing short of excellent,” he said.

Densham revealed that the gearbox design for Renault’s R28 will not be significantly different from this year, and nor should it be used more carefully.

“That’s not at all part of our intention,” he explained. “It should be as quick as the one used this season.”

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