Drivers to discuss doping in Turkey

Wed, 23 August 2006, 11:06

A topic for discussion at the drivers’ briefing in Turkey will be doping in formula one, according to Swiss daily newspaper ‘Blick’.

The publication referred to an anonymous driver who claims that more rigorous testing could be carried out, despite the perception of grand prix racing as a ‘clean’ sport.

The last drugs transgression near the pinnacle of motor sport involved former Prost racer Tomas Enge, who was stripped of his F3000 title after testing for marijuana use.

But the unnamed driver source said substances such as ‘EPO’ are more likely to be doing the rounds.

The banned ‘EPO’, which stimulates the production of red blood cells and is commonly used in endurance sports, is a naturally occurring hormone that is therefore difficult to test for.

”I am in favour of tighter controls,” the anonymous driver said.

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