F1 adds to standard parts list for 2021

Wed, 1 May 2019, 09:35

May 1 (GMM) Brakes and wheel rims have been added to the list of standard components for 2021.

We reported recently that, as part of Liberty Media and the FIA’s cost cutting drive, other parts including the steering wheel, pedals, pit equipment and driveshaft will also be on the standard component list.

“I believe there is a deadline of mid-year for something to be published and I think we’re getting closer now,” Racing Point boss Otmar Szafnauer said, when asked about the new agreements beyond 2020.

“There are still some outstanding issues on some components that will either be supplied or not,” he added.

The FIA has already put out the 2021 tender for a standard gearbox, and Italy’s Autosprint reports that tenders for the brakes, hydraulics and wheels have now also been published.

It will be a big relief for smaller teams like Williams, who are struggling for performance and survival but resisting the move to becoming a mere ‘B’ or satellite outfit.

“I think that the versions (of the regulations) that FIA and FOM presented to us a few weeks ago we were really pretty happy with,” said Claire Williams.

“I know that there are a few things still being discussed at the moment, but we’d be very happy when they come out to sign them.”

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