F1 teams to discuss pitlane closure rule

Thu, 7 October 2010, 12:01

Oct.7 (GMM) F1 team chiefs are set to discuss a possible change to the safety car rules for 2011.

Previously, the sport abandoned a rule where the pits are closed upon deployment of the safety car, because cars out of fuel were forced to pit and then serve a penalty.

It is believed that, now that drivers cannot pit during the race for fuel, the rule could be reintroduced, with the pitlane to be closed throughout the safety car period.

The idea is to minimise the ‘lottery’ effect of the current rules, but the fact an opportune safety car period can benefit the lower runners during a race means the small teams may not vote for the change for 2011.

Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport reports that the issue is to be discussed in Korea in two weeks, with a rule change for 2011 requiring unanimity.

For an introduction in 2012, only a majority team vote is required for ratification by the World Motor Sport Council.

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