F1 to consider extending DRS zones

Mon, 22 May 2017, 10:35

May 22 (GMM) The potential extension of DRS overtaking zones this year will be decided on a circuit by circuit basis.

That is the claim of Auto Motor und Sport, even though the extension of the zone in Barcelona proved a success.

After Russia, where the only overtaking move was a Sauber team order, the drivers pushed the FIA to have the Barcelona DRS zone extended by 100 metres.

“Without that, overtaking would have been harder. It gave you 4 to 6 metres more,” said winner Lewis Hamilton.

Indeed, the report said that in the end, there were 18 overtaking moves in Barcelona, not including more near-passes and duels.

But correspondent Michael Schmidt said: “The FIA wants to look at DRS zones on a case by case basis and extend them only where it makes sense.”

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