FIA clamping down hard in 2015

Thu, 28 May 2015, 09:35

May 28 (GMM) The FIA is pushing hard for its regulations to be fully respected by F1 teams in 2015.

With the governing body having already clamped down in the area of fuel flow, Auto Motor und Sport reports that the FIA is now targeting engine upgrades that are being introduced for supposedly ‘reliability’-based reasons.

Amid the current engine ‘freeze’, F1’s engine makers are able to modify their power units for reliability reasons without dipping into their allocation of upgrade ‘tokens’.

But Honda, for instance, appears to have made big steps forward so far in 2015 – reportedly to the tune of 50 horse power – despite not yet spending a single performance ‘token’.

The German media report said the FIA issued a technical directive in Monaco, warning that manufacturers will now have to lodge an application for ‘reliability’ upgrades some 8 days before they are due to be deployed on the track.

The application will have to include explanations, drawings, photos and test bench data to prove the changes really are for reliability, rather than performance through the back door.

Another issue being freshly targeted by the FIA in 2015 is in the well-trodden area of ‘flexi wings’.

Spain’s El Confidencial reports that a new 50 Newton load test will be applied for front wing flexibility compliance from next weekend’s Canadian grand prix.

And media reports in Italy suggest that Ferrari’s wind tunnel at Maranello is set to be inspected by the FIA.

It follows rumours after the recent Strategy Group meeting that some rival teams, perhaps Mercedes, questioned Ferrari’s activities when it comes to helping the new American entrant Haas prepare for its 2016 debut.

Wind tunnel use in F1 is now tightly controlled, so it is suspected Ferrari may be benefitting from the data being produced in the tunnel to develop the 2016 Haas car.

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