FIA publish results of fans’ survey

Tue, 26 September 2006, 11:36

Max Mosley says the results of the FIA’s annual fans’ survey show that a better balance must be found between technology and driver skill.

Most of the surveyed fans believe that F1 is an important technological showcase (91 per cent) but that efforts should be made to improve on-track passing.

Only 28% said technology is the most exciting aspect of F1.

”Improving car design to encourage overtaking must be one of our priorities,” the president of the governing body said on Tuesday.

A press statement revealed that more than 91,000 people took the online survey, with 66 and 73 per cent giving the thumbs-up to the new tyre and qualifying rules.

Michael Schumacher was voted resoundingly as F1’s most popular driver (28 per cent), followed by Kimi Raikkonen (17). Reigning champion Fernando Alonso netted just 8 per cent, behind Jenson Button and only marginally ahead of David Coulthard (6).

The departed Juan Pablo Montoya and Jacques Villeneuve ranked as the sixth and seventh most popular drivers, indicating the seriousness of their loss, while big-spending Toyota was found to be the least popular team on the grid.


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