FIA reveals F1 commission for carmakers

Tue, 9 January 2007, 08:46

F1’s governing body has set up a ‘Formula One Manufacturers’ Advisory Commission’, the FIA said in a statement on Monday.

The move has apparently been rubber-stamped by the World Motor Sport Council, and follows news in November that FIA president Max Mosley and Burkhard Goeschel, of BMW and the carmakers’ group ‘GPMA’, had reached a five year agreement about the future of the sport.

The Commission will be comprised of representatives for BMW, DaimlerChrysler (Mercedes), Ferrari, Honda, Renault and Toyota, the FIA’s statement went on, with Goeschel as chairman.

“The FIA will be represented, as required, by Max Mosley, Charlie Whiting, Tony Purnell and Peter Wright,” the statement added.


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