Focus on costs, not Concorde says Mosley

Tue, 25 September 2007, 12:39

Max Mosley has urged formula one team bosses to stop arguing about making more money and focus instead on saving some of the vast sums that are being wasted.

Amid prolonged talks about a new Concorde Agreement for 2008, including the heated row about how much income so-called ‘customer teams’ should receive, the FIA president last week wrote a letter to every team boss in pitlane.

In a leaked copy that emerged following a media lunch in London on Monday, Mosley argues that there is already plenty of money swilling about in F1.

“Until the basic problem of costs has been resolved, time should not be wasted discussing how the money is to be distributed,” he wrote.

Mosley referred to the pending new Concorde Agreement, which is due to replace the expiring one at the end of 2007, by saying it is a “secondary matter” compared with cutting costs.

He added: “The same applies to debating the level of technical cooperation allowed between teams.”

Mosley’s letter coincides with an interview given this week by Renault boss Flavio Briatore to Germany’s Sport Auto, in which the Italian says formula one has “lost focus” on its ideals.

“Far too much time and energy is wasted on these cars that are only toys for engineers,” said Briatore.

He added: “Money is spent meaninglessly. The high-speed transmissions, for example, are completely uninteresting to the fans, and now everyone has one. In the meantime, 50 million euros has been wasted.

“For three months we have discussed whether customer cars should be permitted or not — with no result.”

Mosley, meanwhile, made special mention in his letter of the new KERS technology, which he wants to debut in F1 soon.

Interestingly, a company that is pioneering the development of the energy-recovery technology in England announced on Monday that “a major F1 racing team” has now signed up to use it in the future.

The Silverstone based company Flybrid was formed recently by two former Renault engineers.

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