Forghieri says F1 should ‘get rid of DRS’

Thu, 11 April 2019, 10:35

Apr.11 (GMM) Legendary Ferrari designer Mauro Forghieri says F1 should “get rid of DRS”.

Best known for his scarlet F1 cars of the 60s and 70s, the now 84-year-old is using the occasion of this weekend’s 1000th grand prix to consider where the sport should be heading.

“I think the move to hybrids is correct,” Forghieri is quoted by Italy’s Autosprint.

“But I would like more overtaking, and the only way is to get rid of DRS, which I hate,” he said.

DRS is an artificial system designed specifically to create overtaking chances in F1, but Forghieri says getting rid of it will mean the actual cars need to change.

“We should reduce all of the downforce innovations, have less turbulence and then there will be more overtaking,” he said.

“Then I would not have so many rules regarding the engines, which will leave more space for the imagination.”

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