Friday spectating ‘not easy’ – Massa

Sat, 17 October 2009, 12:01

Oct.16 (GMM) Felipe Massa on Friday admitted his first appearance in a formula one paddock since his July accident had been “not easy”.

The Brazilian was a mere spectator in the paddock, pitlane and on the Interlagos pitwall, where a year ago he won his home race and nearly the world championship in style.

“It’s not easy, I have to say,” Massa told reporters when asked how it felt to be watching his rivals rather than preparing to race them.

“It would have been fantastic to come back at this race but we need to wait a little bit more,” said the Ferrari driver.

The Italian team has confirmed that Massa will be Fernando Alonso’s teammate next year, but it had been rumoured that Ferrari was pushing for his return to the number 3 F60 in Abu Dhabi in two weeks.

But Massa told reporters that he needs to sit out racing for now because the risk of repeat injuries is too high.

“It’s better to be 100 per cent ready than to have another accident, and that’s why we are waiting a little bit more,” he said.

Visually, the recent plastic surgery to his forehead means there is now hardly any sign he sustained life threatening head injuries less than three months ago, and Massa confirmed that he is back to normal.

“I was pushing, I was not really slow, and everything was normal — even the consistency was good,” he said, referring to his test last Monday at the wheel of a 2007 Ferrari.

“Now I can do everything like I was doing before,” he added.

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