GPMA members support agreement – Goeschel

Fri, 17 November 2006, 01:58

F1’s other carmakers support the declaration of peace announced this week by FIA president Max Mosley and BMW’s senior advisor Burkhard Goeschel at the BMW Research Centre in Munich.

Despite the absence of a separate confirmation by GPMA, and more than a mere Q&A on the official FIA website, that is the insistence of Goeschel, who is chairman of the manufacturers’ alliance.

Speaking to selected European media on Wednesday, the pair said a minimally five year agreement had been reached, but explained that a new Concorde Agreement is yet to be signed.

Moreover, at a recent so-called ‘breakthrough’ meeting in Nice, again the only participants were Mosley and Goeschel, accompanied by Dr Juergen Reul — another BMW bigwig.

Goeschel said: “A new Concorde Agreement should be possible and should be done in a very short space of time in my opinion.”

Including BMW, GPMA is also comprised of Renault, Mercedes-Benz and Honda, but – despite the absence of a GPMA statement or statements from the other members – Goeschel insisted that all parties are singing from the same hymn sheet.

“It is the same idea for all the manufacturers because they want F1 to be integrated into their future business,” he added.

Goeschel said: “If you are talking to, say, our Japanese friends, it is the same idea.”


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