Huge driver salaries ‘absurd’ – Mosley

Mon, 1 June 2015, 10:35

Jun.1 (GMM) F1 teams should have less money to squander on “absurd” driver salaries.

That is the view of former FIA president Max Mosley, speaking to the men’s magazine GQ not long after Lewis Hamilton’s lucrative new deal was signed.

It is believed Hamilton’s Mercedes deal brings him in line with the dozens of millions also earned by top champions like Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel.

“It is absurd,” Mosley said.

“If I was a dictator in the sport, each team would have the same money and you could spend more on the driver or less on the car or vice versa.

“All the driver worries about is what he earns compared with the other guy,” he added.

The idea of a ‘dictator’ has been gaining pace in recent days and weeks, as Mosley’s old sparring partner Bernie Ecclestone rues the modern predominance of ‘democracy’.

The latest to back the idea is Force India supremo Vijay Mallya.

He tells F1’s official website: “F1 is overly democratic.

“We (Force India) have our views and we clearly express them, but we are steamrollered by the big four (teams) and that is the rule-making process.

“In all other sports you have a promoter – which is FOM – and you have a regulator – which is the FIA,” Mallya insisted.

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