Netflix series producer slams Mercedes and Ferrari

Mon, 25 February 2019, 08:35

Feb.25 (GMM) The producers of a new Netflix documentary series about F1 have hit out at top teams Mercedes and Ferrari.

The ten part series called Drive to Survive, set to be released on March 8, features behind-the-scenes access to every team except last year’s title protagonists.

“Mercedes and Ferrari wanted to operate under different terms to the rest of the teams, and we didn’t feel comfortable with that,” executive producer Paul Martin is quoted by the Telegraph newspaper.

“My view is that they did a slight disservice to the fans and the sport by not taking part.”

Another executive producer on the project was Liberty Media’s Sean Bratches, the F1 commercial boss.

Mercedes defended its decision to not take part.

“Competing for the world championship is an all-consuming business that demands every ounce of focus from the entire team. We are driven first and foremost by performance in every decision we make,” said a spokesman.

Ferrari declined to comment.

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