Press ‘milking’ Button win – Watson

Mon, 14 August 2006, 12:28

Former F1 driver John Watson is not sure that Hungarian grand prix winner Jenson Button has the ‘fire’ to win a world title.

”Michael (Schumacher) showed unbelievable fire (in Hungary),” said the Ulsterman, referring to the German racer’s much-criticised defending of position in Budapest that ultimately cost him the race.

But Watson, who won five grands prix in the 70s and 80s, told the Guardian: ”(Fernando) Alonso has it. So does Kimi Raikkonen. Not many others.

”It’s up to Jenson now to prove that he has it in him.”

Watson’s comments follow an extraordinary period of excitement among British journalists following 26-year-old’s breakthrough win for Honda after a 113 GP drought.

Damon Hill, Nigel Mansell and Sir Jackie Stewart have all cropped up in the press with their praise, but Watson noted of Button’s surprise win: ”The motor sport magazines are struggling for sales. They’ll milk this for all they’re worth.”

Meanwhile, at a wet Silverstone on the weekend, Eddie Cheever won the ‘GP Masters’ race, ending Mansell’s unbeaten record as the 1992 world champion retired after several spins.


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