Racing Point ‘nervous’ about 2020-2021 seasons

Mon, 13 January 2020, 07:35

Jan.13 (GMM) Racing Point technical boss Andy Green admits he is “very nervous” about how the team will handle this year’s preparations for the new rules of 2021.

He says that while the big teams can afford to handle the 2020 and 2021 seasons concurrently, smaller outfits will need to spread their resources thinly.

“We have the feeling that both years will suffer,” Green told Auto Motor und Sport. “This year we have to think of 2021 as well, but we cannot neglect 2020 either.

“There is no nice middle ground for us at the moment. It’s a difficult time for a small team. We know that the big teams will put a lot of energy and resources into the areas that will then be limited in 2021.

“It makes me very nervous,” Green admitted.

He says Racing Point has come to the conclusion that it needs to divert resources to 2021, leaving “much less than I would like” for the coming season.

“Between April to May we will put everything towards 2021. It is not a comfortable situation,” added the Silverstone based team’s technical boss.

He said Racing Point will not follow the example of other midfield teams who are almost prepared to sacrifice 2020 in order to be fully prepared for 2021.

“There are teams like McLaren and Renault who think they will find something like the double diffuser and then destroy everyone in 2021,” said Green. “But then you’re throwing away a whole year.

“There is a good chance of scoring a golden goal, but I couldn’t sacrifice a season when there is no guarantee,” he added.

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