Rivals rejected ‘shark fin’ ban – Horner

Tue, 28 February 2017, 08:35

Feb.28 (GMM) Christian Horner says fellow team bosses rejected his appeal for the ‘shark wing’ engine cover fins seen on the 2017 cars to be banned.

The aggressive, ‘sexier’ look of the new generation cars has been widely hailed, but many have joined Red Bull chief Horner in not liking the huge ‘sails’.

“I think the new cars look fantastic,” he is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport at the Barcelona test.

“The only thing is the long engine covers. We discussed the issue in the strategy group, then we went to the F1 Commission. But the request to ban them was rejected by majority.”

Horner said the reason Red Bull’s appeal was rejected was “the usual paranoia in formula one”.

He explained: “The performance gain with the fin is marginal. If I ask our aerodynamicists, they want to keep it, of course. But we also need to consider it from an aesthetic point of view.

“Without the fin, the cars would simply look better.”

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