Schu could have lived without break

Mon, 21 August 2006, 06:04

Michael Schumacher says he could have done without F1’s three week August break.

”We’ve had a little holiday, and enjoyed some nice days,” the 37-year-old championship chaser told his website on Monday, ”but I also could have lived without it.”

The Ferrari driver’s view is in stark contrast to that of title challenger Fernando Alonso, who admitted that the break and test moratorium gave everyone a chance to ‘recharge their batteries’.

With a ten point lead over Schumacher, Renault’s Alonso said on Monday: ”We all need to have some time off, and it means we arrive in Turkey feeling better than ever.”

But Germany’s Schumacher reckons he could have happily hopped direct from Hungary to the Turkish GP.

”The championship fight is so much fun that I am really looking forward to the next race,” he continued.

”Our will to win the titles is unbroken, and Istanbul is the next step.”


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