The fans speak: 2007 excites us because…

Sun, 3 December 2006, 02:23

Earlier this week we invited you, our readers, to tell us what excites you about the coming season. The answers were as varied as the origins of the readers! Here are just some of the comments:

Bogeyman – London, UK:
“Kimi… in red and in FRONT.

Webber finishing races and FINALLY getting to see if he is all that he is supposed to be.

Hamilton vs Alonso.

Super Aguri shape up to some decent results and Davidson finally in a race seat.

Honda – the first and probably only (since RB is getting on) true Button V Barrichello year.”

Jean-Michel – Hamilton, Canada
“I feel that for the first time in many years, it is anybody’s to win. Go Renault. It is going to be an exciting season!”

Andr̩ Dreyer РPretoria, South Africa
“1. Kimi – He has now got a drive with a team that is historically strong in terms of reliability. Has he got the same development skills as the exiting Schumi? Who knows, but in my opinion, that is the only real obstacle. If he can bridge it, he might make it into the coveted World Champion league, my wish of course

2. Now this may be perceived wrongly, but it would be great to see someone like Alonso suffer with a poor car, as we have witnessed Kimi and co doing for ages now, and it might finally show, no matter how great a driving skill one has, the equipment makes a phenomenal difference. In fact, if the results go the way I want them to, it would be Kimi the champion, with Alonso 2nd by a small margin, let’s see that Spanish temper flaring 🙂

3. Red Bull racing, a team to watch, Adrian Newey is a fantastic engineer and I would love to see the team doing well for a change, even though Coultard and Webber don’t hold much regard with myself

4. BMW-Sauber, if there was a prize for most improved, it would have to be given to them, the show they gave us in the 2006 season was fantastic, enough to trouble a couple of teams that have been in the game with bigger budgets and longer

5. Another big ask of the 2007 season is that Williams has a glorious return, they had a dismal season, along with McLaren, but only time will tell if Toyota is to be any better than exiting supplier Cosworth

6. Finally, and this is likely not to happen, but more overtaking and closer racing, more upsets in terms of wins and podiums and political drama associated with this great sport”

Derek Stranahan – Sydney, Australia
“Two very exciting rookies are joining the fray and Kovalainen very much has the potential to beat his team mate in his rookie season. That should be fun!”

Carolina – Naples, Italy
“Definitely the battle between Massa and Kimi. Kimi is quicker but Massa has been with Ferrari for two years now and he knows the cars and the team. Kimi will have some catching up to do! Also, I have never seen a race at the Fuji Speedway and I’m looking forward to the new track.”

Johnathan – Alice Springs, Australia
“It has to be the fact that Webber will finally have a decent car. He’s going to kick the Scott’s butt”

The fans have spoken.

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