Top drivers don’t want Melbourne resurfacing

Sun, 17 March 2019, 05:35

Mar.17 (GMM) Championship rivals Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel think organisers of the Australian grand prix should not resurface the Albert Park track.

Days ago, Australian Grand Prix Corporation chief Andrew Westacott declared: “It is likely the circuit might need resurfacing.”

But Ferrari’s Vettel said after qualifying in Melbourne that the circuit’s bumps are “part of the character” of the track.

“I hope they don’t resurface it,” he added.

Pole sitter Hamilton agrees: “I like the track the way it is.

“The bumps are part of the character of what Melbourne is so if you were to iron those out it would lose something. It does make it trickier for us but that’s a part of it.

“I don’t like the circuits that are super flat and super smooth, don’t cause us troubles. This weekend we have to live with a certain amount of vibration and your fillings coming out but that’s motor racing — hard core motor racing,” the Mercedes driver added.

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