Toyota leaves ‘GPMA’ alliance

Tue, 15 August 2006, 10:53

Toyota has dealt a severe blow to the ‘GPMA’ by leaving the F1 manufacturers’ group.

A statement issued by the Japanese carmaker outlined that the group ‘has achieved its initial goals’, after it was reported recently that some GPMA members were still at odds with the governing body over an engine ‘freeze’.

Toyota’s move leaves just Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Honda in the GPMA camp, after Ferrari and Renault sided respectively with the FIA.

Toyota, which reaffirmed its commitment to F1 until 2012, also said: ”Toyota believes that the GPMA is currently focused more on operational details rather than the long-term strategic outlook for the future technology of formula one.”

GPMA reacted by insisting that Toyota is ‘welcome to rejoin’ the alliance, but Toyota explained that it is at odds with some other members’ points of view.

The Toyota statement added: ”Toyota believes that engine supply to private teams should be a central pillar of the objectives of those manufacturers competing in F1.”

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