Zonta to drive F1 car through ‘Corkscrew’

Thu, 17 August 2006, 12:38

Test driver Ricardo Zonta will this weekend show off Toyota’s current racer at the ‘Laguna Seca’ circuit in California.

As part of the annual ‘Montery Historic Automobile Races’, which is sponsored by the Japanese manufacturer, Brazil’s Zonta is due to acclimatise on Friday before doing full-speed demonstration runs on Saturday and Sunday, a statement issued by ‘Toyota Motor Sales USA’ said.

”Other than the recent United States grand prix in Indianapolis,” said marketing boss Jim Farley, ”this is the only appearance the F1 car will make in the US.”

30-year-old Zonta’s assault on the legendary ‘Corkscrew’ corner follows fellow Toyota driver Jarno Trulli’s recent F1 demonstration in Finland.
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